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Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, there is currently a wait list.  The list is constantly changing based on family and resident needs.  Please contact us for current availablility.
How do I place someone on the wait list?
You can complete an Application for Admission by downloading the form from our website or picking up an application at the receptionist desk at the facility.
Do I have to be a resident of the County of Lapeer to be admitted?
My loved one is currently in the hospital, can they be admitted from there?
Yes, if there is a bed available, please contact Admissions for more information.
Can I transfer from another nursing home?
Yes, if there is a bed available, please contact Admissions for more information.
What is the average occupancy rate ?
What is covered under the State of Michigan Medicaid Program?
Do I have to have a hospital stay to qualify for placement at your facility?
Can I join a Resident for meals?
Of Course, We encourage family and friends to join a resident for dining. Visitors and families can purchase meal tokens from the receptionist desk in the front lobby. 
How many Medicaid beds does your facility have?
All 202 beds are dually certified for Medicare and Medicaid.
What types of Insurance(s) does the facility take?
All, but we are not contracted with all insurance types, which means you may be responsible for higher copays.
What are the state staffing ratios ?

Act 368 of 1978

333.21720a Director of nursing; nursing personnel; effective date of subsection (1); natural disaster or other emergency.


Sec. 21720a.

(1) A nursing home shall not be licensed under this part unless that nursing home has on its staff at least 1 registered nurse with specialized training or relevant experience in the area of gerontology, who shall serve as the director of nursing and who shall be responsible for planning and directing nursing care. The nursing home shall have at least 1 licensed nurse on duty at all times and shall employ additional registered and licensed practical nurses in accordance with subsection (2). This subsection shall not take effect until January 1, 1980.

(2) A nursing home shall employ nursing personnel sufficient to provide continuous 24-hour nursing care and services sufficient to meet the needs of each patient in the nursing home. Nursing personnel employed in the nursing home shall be under the supervision of the director of nursing. A licensee shall maintain a nursing home staff sufficient to provide not less than 2.25 hours of nursing care by employed nursing care personnel per patient per day. The ratio of patients to nursing care personnel during a morning shift shall not exceed 8 patients to 1 nursing care personnel; the ratio of patients to nursing care personnel during an afternoon shift shall not exceed 12 patients to 1 nursing care personnel; and the ratio of patients to nursing care personnel during a nighttime shift shall not exceed 15 patients to 1 nursing care personnel and there shall be sufficient nursing care personnel available on duty to assure coverage for patients at all times during the shift. An employee designated as a member of the nursing staff shall not be engaged in providing basic services such as food preparation, housekeeping, laundry, or maintenance services, except in an instance of natural disaster or other emergency reported to and concurred in by the department. In a nursing home having 30 or more beds, the director of nursing shall not be included in counting the minimum ratios of nursing personnel required by this subsection.

(3) In administering this section, the department shall take into consideration a natural disaster or other emergency.

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