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Suncrest Gallery
Suncrest Gallery
Suncrest Gallery
Suncrest Gallery
Suncrest Gallery

The Facility strives to provide and maintain a safe environment and has established the following information to accomplish this for all residents.

  • Electric operated bed

  • Bedside stand

  • Dresser

  • Wardrobe

  • Over the bed table

  • “on command” type hangers 

  • Residents may bring in their own furniture if space permits.

  • Residents may have a TV in their room and there is a minimal cable TV fee charged each month.

  • Residents may have their own telephone and are responsible for the connection and are billed personally

  • Fans are allowed in the rooms but must be table top

  • Residential type extension cord

  • Heating pads or heating blankets

  • Floor fans

  • Knick-knack shelve

  •  Swivel rockers and glider rockers

  • please do not put nails or screws into the walls

The Facility strives to accommodate the Resident’s personal belongings and furniture. However, the Resident room may need to be configured to allow the maneuvering of lifts and other care equipment safely. The Restorative Nursing Department will evaluate the configuration of the resident’s room to meet the resident’s individual medical and equipment needs.


The Facility reserves the right to remove equipment from service at any time, if, in our judgement, the equipment represents a safety risk or hazard

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