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Located within the facility on one north is an Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit for cognitively impaired residents. This unit provides a safe and secure environment. The unit strives to compensate for cognitive impairments by enhancing functional abilities and reducing stress.


Admission to this unit will be determined by the facility interdisciplinary care plan team. The need for transfer off the unit will be determined by the facility’s interdisciplinary care plan team when any or all of the following conditions are anticipated to be long term. First, acute and chronic medical needs outweigh the need for the therapeutic environment of the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit. Second, there is an inability on the resident’s part to participate/benefit from the activity program; behavioral management; or environmental design. Third, an existing psychiatric disorder or severe behavioral symptoms are present which cannot be managed or may cause harm to other residents; at that time alternate placement outside this facility needs to be considered. If and when transfers will be needed from one unit in the facility to another, the resident’s representative will be notified.

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