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 Activities Supervisor
Lisa Smith
810.664.8571 664-8571 Ext. 158

Activities Department

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We provide an ongoing program of activities to enhance residents’ highest practicable level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.  Activities are designed to appeal to residents’ interests or lifelong hobbies, as well as options to learn something new.  Opportunities are created for our residents to enjoy recreational activities that help restore a feeling of usefulness and lead to an improved quality of life.  Many events are held close to where residents live, in their own neighborhoods.  Some community based activities are held in a general location, such as live entertainment.  Programs are listed on a monthly calendar which hangs in each resident room.  A daily list of activities is located in each dining area.


Activities include arts, crafts, baking, exercise groups, games, bingo, birthday parties, music events, entertainment, and seasonal activities on the patios or pavilion.  Games are also provided in various locations for visitors to use when here.  Individual sensory stimulating activities, as well as reminiscent and small group activities are provided for the cognitively impaired with dementia or Alzheimer’s.


The Resident Council meets monthly to discuss upcoming events or any concerns residents may have.  Questions regarding activity programs should be directed to the Activities Manager.

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