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Lapeer County Medical Care Facility Service Vision


We the employees of Lapeer County Medical

Care Facility will ensure that our residents live

with as much dignity and comfort as possible.


We will strive to win our residents'

loyalty by addressing their concerns while

realizing that caring for them is a privilege.

We will anticipate our residents'

needs and try to exceed their expectations.


We will continue to provide a trustworthy,

cheerful, loving, homelike environment.

This will be accomplished by a quality team

of employees who are courteous, caring and

professional in all interactions,

listening to our residents' concerns while

respecting individual needs.


We will maintain an efficient system of

policies and procedures to ensure

responsiveness to those for whom

we provide quality care.


Each and every employee plays an

essential role in enhancing the residents'

quality of life by working together to

create a positive environment.

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