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Culinary Philosophy from the Kitchen

Food and dining are an integral part that represents the significant element of daily living. “The dining experience should be as natural as possible comparable to eating at home”


Resident satisfaction with the quality of the food and the dining experience is always our

priority. With an always available menu ranging from a mix of 15 to 20 different choices as an alternative to the cycled Chefs Specials we also try to accommodate all special orders per our resident’s request and prepared in one of our eight private kitchens.

     The Culinary department provides menus designed by our Food Service Director under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian., in accordance with the physician’s orders. The meals are designed to insure proper nutrition, weight control or maintenance, good taste, variety and an appetizing appearance.

Three meals are served daily at the following times:


Breakfast: 8:30a.m. 
Lunch: 12:00 noon 
Dinner: 5:00pm 



Culinary Staff


Daily menus will be shared with residents at meal time. Food brought into residents should be limited to portions that can be consumed during the visit with family or friends. Cookies, candy, or individual snacks must be in covered plastic or tin containers.

Due to the limited seating space in the neighborhood dining rooms,  visitors are asked to purchase your meal at the employee cafeteria utilizing our a token or meal card available at the receptionist desk in the front lobby.

This is our Resident’s home and they have a priority scheduling for seating in their dining areas. After you purchase your meal, you may take the resident to the large dining room in the main hall to enjoy a family setting and meal with your family. Please remember to feel free to purchase meals by going through the café line and using a meal card or token purchased at the front desk. The meal cards may be loaded with money in the cafeteria or at the receptionist desk. Facility staff is not allowed to take any cash in the employee/visitor cafeteria. Please be sure to ask for assistance from any of our staff who will be glad to stop and answer any questions you may have.

Resident Dining Rooms


We request that families/visitors go to the Cafe on the first floor to purchase a guest tray using a token or meal card. Guest tokens are available in the vending machines or at the main lobby reception desk for $3.50. If you need assistance with getting your guest tray to the appropriate activity room, please ask a staff member for assistance.

Due to limited space in the resident dining rooms, we request that you eat your meal with the resident in the 1 South or 2 South Activity room. Please let the nursing staff know and they will arrange to have the resident served their meal with you if the resident does not require assistance with eating.

Finally, you may take a meal to the resident’s room for privacy and dine together in comfort, if you desire due to the limited seating in the neighborhood dining rooms. 

Other areas that may be used for dining with your loved one in the summer months is at the pavilion located by the gardens or the gazebo in front of the building.

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