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CNA Training

The position of a direct care giver requires attention to details, good communication skills and an ability and willingness to follow facility policies and procedures.  We have the lives of our residents in our hands everyday.  We will review the current Nurse Aide Trainee job description with you.  This classroom and clinical experience requires skill and motivation on your part.  There will be classroom work and reading and homework just like a regular school program.

You will be required to write a minimum 500 word essay about what a C.N.A. does and why you want to become a C.N.A. This must be submitted with your application using our online portal, emailed or turned into our front desk. 

An interview will be scheduled and conducted by the In-service  Coordinator after a complete review of the application and essay.  The In-service Coordinator will then make a collaborative decision on granting positions in the Nurse Aide Training program with the Director of Nursing.

If you are hired for the Nurse Aide Training Program, you will be hired for a shift position that is available at the time of interview. Once the training process is completed this will be the shift/position you will  be working.  In order to bid on positions or change shifts you must complete your probationary period, have your C.N.A. certification and appropriate criteria for position posted as well as seniority.


The current Nurse Aide  program is 120 hours of education including classroom, lab and clinical.  The program will consist of verbal instruction and demonstration.  All portions of the program must be completed prior to receiving your certification of completion.  Once the Nurse Aide Trainee has completed the program, the facility will fax all paperwork to Prometric.

The Nurse Aide Training Program takes place Monday thru Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm. You will have approximately 3 weeks of classroom instruction and 2 weeks of clinical skills. After completion of the Nurse Aide Training Program, the Nurse Aide Trainee will be transferred to the shift  hired for.  During this time the Nurse Aide will train with a Certified Nurse assistant, while waiting to receive their letter to test.  The Nurse Aide Trainee will work on the shift and work on a regular assignment.  

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Owen Dibble, R.N. In-service education Coordinator / NAT Program Coordinator at 810 664 8571 Ext. 347 or

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