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Admission Information


Only those applicants that anticipate a need to be admitted to a skilled nursing facility within 6 months will be placed on our admission waiting list once all information is received and complete.


The applicant or his/her representative is expected to make a call at least monthly to provide current information on the applicant.


You can reach our Admissions Office by calling 810-664-8571 ext. 133. 


Admission applications will be kept on file for 12 months. If at that point we have not been updated on the applicant's living situation and medical status the applicant will be dropped from the list.

All residents’ personal items must be clearly labeled and marked. Clothing is to be marked with a permanent laundry marker in an inconspicuous place. The facility can then sew in labels with their labeling system once within the facility. Unmarked items make it impossible to identify ownership and proper labeling will assure that your family members’ items remain safe with them. Personal television sets are allowed and are properly set up by the maintenance department.

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