The American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living issued guidance that recommends limiting non-essential visits to long term care patients and residents for all outside parties. We understand this is a stressful time and that checking in on your loved one is important.

The coronavirus poses a serious threat to the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions, and those in nursing homes and assisted living communities are typically both. This is why we have made recommendations because we want ensure the frail and elderly are kept safe.

For the Information on the Latest CDC Guidelines Click Here

For the Information on the Michigan Safe Start Map Click Here

February 5, 2021

Virtual Visits

The rate of Covid-19 infection in Lapeer County has been declining over the past several weeks but we still have a long way to go before a return to normal. Under MDHHS guidelines, nursing homes continue to be restricted from having visitors at this time.

Please contact our Activities Department at 810-664-8571 x157 if you would like to schedule a virtual visit.

810-664-8571 Ext. 157

November 3, 2020

Lapeer County Risk Level E

Anxiously awaiting indoor visits? Us Too!

A few weeks ago, we were notified that indoor visits would be allowed in low risk counties. This is certainly long awaited and good news. But of course there is a caveat. Counties that are in risk levels A through D may start indoor visits. Counties at a risk level of E remain prohibited from conducting indoor visits.

Unfortunately, this morning Lapeer County was updated and is currently at a risk level of E and therefore we remain unable to conduct indoor visits at this time. Below is the Michigan County link that shows the risk level by county (not Region) and can be used for reference on indoor visits.

As soon as Lapeer County is cleared for visits and we have had no new cases of Covid 19 in our building we will let you know and also what will be required for these visits.


September 23, 2020

Outdoor Visits

We are so excited to be able to host outdoor visits once again! However, there are several requirements we have to meet in order to be able to allow for these types of visits.

Please be patient as we put together our procedures and policy so that outdoor visits can occur safely for our residents, staff and loved ones. We have included instructions in this post for families to follow to help facilitate and plan your visit.

Outdoor visits began on September 21, 2020 at 10am by appointment only.

​In order to schedule an appointment you will need to call the facility and leave a voicemail at ext. 350, a staff member is scheduled to work on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to return the voicemails in the order they were received.

​We are gradually expanding our visiting spots to accommodate more visits.

We are asking that you not request more than one visit every two weeks so that all residents have the opportunity to have one visit every two weeks.

810-664-8571 Ext. 350

February 5, 2021

Covid Vaccine Update

Walgreens will be hosting our 2nd  COVID-19 vaccine clinic Thursday and Friday- February 18th & 19th for Suncrest Residents and Staff Members.

Residents and Employees who received the 1st vaccine will be given their second dose. Individuals who have not received their first dose will be offered to do so as well.

Questions? Please contact Sherri Hackett, Employee Health Nurse at ext. 130.

810-664-8571 Ext. 130

October 29, 2020

MI Safe Start Map

Looking for Information Regarding the Michigan Safe Start Map?

While Lapeer County is currently at a D level; Due to our most recent positive case(s) among employees we are unable to host outdoor/indoor visits at this time.

We are required to check the risk level daily and act as appropriate to these changes. When a county is at E level or greater, there can be no indoor nursing home visits except for compassionate care/hospice/end of life.

You can follow the updates to the county risk levels at the following link:

Window and virtual visits remain available and can be scheduled by contacting our Activities Department at Ext. 157


August 28, 2020

Covid Update

Governor Whitmer has extended nursing home coronavirus safety measures through September 30, 2020. We are restricted to only ‘essential health care personnel’ and visitors for certain compassionate care situations such as end of life. Virtual visits are encouraged and we can assist residents that do not have their own device such as an I-pad. Please call 810-664-8571 Ext. 157 to set up a virtual visit.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

810-664-8571 Ext. 157

November 3, 2020

Temporary Suspension of Window Visits

Suncrest Families and Friends,

To help prevent further spread of Covid cases within the facility amongst residents, we will be temporarily suspending window visits at this time. We highly encourage families to contact our Activities Department at ext. 157 to schedule virtual visits with your loved ones. The Activities aides will be calling all the families with scheduled window visits to cancel and offer virtual options. Thank you for patience. We appreciate your kind words and thoughts during this difficult time.

810-664-8571 Ext. 157

October 28, 2020

Covid Update-Visitation

We have received confirmation today that another employee has tested positive for Covid. All residents will be tested beginning tomorrow, October 28th and will continue to be tested weekly for the next 2 weeks. If you have questions regarding testing, please contact Sherri Hackett, Employee Health Nurse at ext. 130.

Due to the positive test results, we will not be able to host indoor/outdoor visits for another 14 days. We continue to encourage virtual visits and window visits with your loved ones. Please contact our Activities Department at ext. 157 to schedule a window visit or virtual visit with your family member. Thank you for your continued patience.

810-664-8571 Ext. 130

March 2020

Stay Connected

If you have a loved one in a long term care center, we strongly encourage you to find alternative ways to stay in touch with them and the staff to check in on their care, whether by phone, video chat or email. For that reason we have implemented the ability to Facetime, Zoom  as well as utilizing Facebook Messenger for video calls.

 Due to the abundance of Facetime and Facebook Messenger Chats, we are asking that if you would like to schedule a chat appointment, please contact the Activities Department at 810-664-8571 EXT. 157. Please leave a message with information as to how you would like to be messaged, including the number or email to the device in which you would like to be contacted along with the time of day you prefer.

If we are unable to accommodate the requested time, an activities team member will return a phone call to reschedule. In addition, if you prefer to utilize Facebook Messenger to video message, please send a friend request to our “Sunny Suncrest” Facebook page.

An activities aide will help assist your loved one in returning your call via one of the online services listed above.

​We have also added additional portable phones to help you stay connected with your loved one.

810-664-8571 Ext. 157

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